Company Profile

ABM, was founded by Saim Kesoğlu starting in a 150 workplace in 1965 Yaghaneler; now continues at The Pearl of the Aegean İzmir, at ITOB Organized Industrial Zone at our 20.000 new factory.


We as ABM, dreamt of the future and designated our goals from the beginning of our story. We realised early in our existence that production quality must be our first priority, in order to remain a permanent feature in the sector. We never gave up our customer oriented and innovative perspective and kept on going our way.


Today, we take the justified pride of being a dominant brand in the world market with sales offices in our name across 5 different countries and exporting to over 130 countries with ever increasing export figures and working eagerly to produce new innovative products.


Being the biggest grinding machine producer factory in the world, we are working to produce the best every single day, with our Professional crew and experienced engineers.


Within our factory, we develop the software for our machinery and produce all the parts in our state of the art machining facility, we are not a follower in the sector - on the contrary - with our innovative spirit, we are the pioneers of the sector that design and produce.


We are the first company of the sector that has a research and development R&D centre. Here, we advance our technological developments and enhance our knowledge and experience constantly, striving to be the best.


Having the broadest product range in the world sector, we understand your needs and cater to you completely with our experience since 1965 and our wide range of products.


We create solutions 24/7, for the issues like spare parts supplement and malfunctions with our aftersales network and experienced technical staff.


We are assertive because we do what we know best.


As ABM family, we continue to write our chapter with our worldclass production and service mentality and still dreaming about the future.