Since 1965, ABM has been serving the most advanced technologies of the world by producing grinding, welding and setting machines. With long-years experience, we have always aimed at the best and the most advanced technology and also regarded the customer satisfaction as a priority.

To help today’s grinding and sawmill shops to become more profitable, we are proud to present to the world market the practical, ideal, the most competitive products and state-of-the-art technologies in reasonable prices as a result of our comprehensive researches.

Our OTOMAT, PNK, UTB and OP series machines form wholeness by their being reliable, productive and economic to serve the customer the best quality. Also by updating the new tooth profiles that are being used in today’s technology, our machines reasonably ease the tough and severe grinding environments for the operators working with grinding machines.

OTOMAT, PNK, UTB and OP series machines provide complete solutions to meet the needs of grinding lines, saw blade service rooms, manufacturers and in-plant grinding machines by offering single function machinery and versatile, and multi-function machines.

On the other hand, for wood working industry we develop turn-key facilities by importing global brands to local and global markets.